TIGed: Character & Citizenship

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Source: Taking It Global

In our TIGed Project-Based Learning for Global Citizenship course we explored the importance of global education and how to develop classroom projects that are simultaneously authentic, transformative and have the potential to elicit sustainable global change. Throughout the course I saw clear connections to the essential skills or 6Cs that students need to develop in order to achieve, excel and flourish in today’s complex world. Focussing on character and citizenship, through the context of global issues, we can provide authentic learning opportunities for communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

Another theme that emerged throughout the course was the importance of connecting and sharing. We need more global communication coming out of our classrooms and there are so many digital tools to help! Two of my favourites for the classroom are Twitter and blogging. One of my favourite parts of the TIGed course was connecting with my team members and building relationships with them as we learned together.

The TIGed course was rich in resources. I posted earlier about the variety of amazing resources that TIGed shares. I also started gathering a list of organizations for global issues and connection: Global Connection Ideas. I found this Educating for Global Citizenship resource to be a fantastic source of ideas for junior and intermediate classrooms.


About Marci Duncan

Technology Instructional Resource Teacher K-12 for #SCDSB; Google Educator; Co-chair of #edcampbarrie. You can contact me at mduncan@scdsb.on.ca
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