Taking It Global: Resources for Global Issues

Taking It Global (TIGed) has a variety of resources for helping you connect your students and classroom on a global scale and with global issues. TIGed helps connect learners to the issues that matter to them through a variety of online resources, tools and opportunities to connect.

Their resource page includes many ideas to help turn your ideas into reality on Featured Topics, International Days, search their Organizations database, and look for ideas to use in your classroom on their Toolkit page.

The Action Guides page has ideas to use in the classroom for understanding and acting on the world’s greatest issues. There is an overall action guide: Guide to Action: Simple Steps Toward Change, and topic based guides on issues like Climate Change, HIV/Aids, Mental Health and an Online Volunteering Guide.

Also, the Global Issues page allows you to search the topics below:

There are also Thematic Classrooms that explore important global issues and come with lesson plans and supporting resources.  I used the DeforestAction resources with my Grade 8 students and it was a powerful engaging experience that empowered my students to make change in the local community.

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About Marci Duncan

Technology Instructional Resource Teacher K-12 for #SCDSB; Google Educator; Co-chair of #edcampbarrie. You can contact me at mduncan@scdsb.on.ca
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