Minecraft and Minds on to Media

Minecraft in the Classroom by Jen Apgar

Minecraft in the Classroom by Jen Apgar

At the ECOO 2014 Minds on to Media event  I sat down at the session Minecraft in the Classroom and learned more about why and how to play from facilitator Jen Apgar. She introduced the GamingEdus website, which Jen describes as “a network of Ontario Educators with the goal of introducing educators to the learning potential of video games with a focus on equity, diversity, inclusion and student-led, inquiry-based learning.” Jen’s presentation and the GamingEdus website helped to answer questions and sparked many new ones. I learned even more from Jen a couple weeks later when I participate in her OTF Webinar Making Curriculum Connections with Minecraft.

Sitting to my left at the Minds on the Media was Scott McKenzie, an amazing educator who blogs about integrating technology. Scott believes that Minecraft gives students an opportunity to be creative and critical thinkers while removing the barrier of language. We talked about his experience with Minecraft and he shared some tips that you can read about here.

Sitting to my right was Dean and throughout the presentation our exciting grew. We decided to take action and bring minecraft to West Bayfield ES!


About Marci Duncan

Technology Instructional Resource Teacher K-12 for #SCDSB; Google Educator; Co-chair of #edcampbarrie. You can contact me at mduncan@scdsb.on.ca
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